PlayaMonkey's Super#1 Fun Camp

or "This Burner Followed Me Home, Can I Keep It? Can I Keep It?"


30 Second Dance Party: "All dance parties must come to an end, some sooner than others. But there's always a new one starting just a little ways down the road." Visit camp to read about details, starting Wednesday night.

Flying Tentacle Monster: Part electric eel, part jellyfish, part octopus.

PlayaMonkey Home Base: 8:15 & C street.


WE ARE BACK, baby.

Interfractagalactic Scrotumtotempoles: Massive playa art presentation. Fourteen years ago, Commander Gaijin fell from space to the Black Rock desert and fell in with the odoodem - his kinship group, and over time, he carved his aboriginal history in phalliashamanic totemfoam. In 2012, three of his interdimensional Interfractagalactic Scrotumtotempoles herald the coming of the new world cycle and the dawning of the Age of Gaijinitos. Do they bring peace, or do they portend the end of human civilization?

PlayaMonkey Home Base: Triangulated somewhere between Distrikt, Pink Mammoth, and Comfort & Joy. If they even return. West side, man, all the way. The west is the best. Or, close to the best, or at least not the worst. Look for the sign. We'll be somewhere between 7 and 9 radials, and between C and G streets, perhaps. Or, not.


Public Playa Theme Camp Listing: We offer a relaxing illuminated chill space for playa monkeys, dreadlocked aliens, sexy robots, and all other curious evolving participants. Discover us under our massive citywide beacon where visitors are invited to play with our lighting controls or relax within our dusty beautiful lush jungle.

2009 burning man camp information and volunteer opportunties coming soon.

Construction Update: Interactive Entrance Sign functioning (june12)

Site Plan below subject to change.

Public Interaction Art Installation: PlayaMonkey Super Fun Blinky Brain Challenge

The camp itself is an interactive art project -

With this camp, we celebrate the evolution of our camp structure, composition, and decoration, over the many years we have participated in playa activities (10+ years for many of us).

In the past, we have brought many types of art to the playa, including visual art (painted designs, sculptures, lights/lasers, video projection), interactive sound art, large-scale installations (domes, beacons, and shade structures), and wearable performance art in the form of daytime costumes and illuminated evening wear.  These designs have been adapted over time, gaining new features or merging with other projects, in an ongoing effort to enhance the playa experience in new ways.

We have also learned that playa-proofing is not just a matter of making things that will survive the weather.  It can also be challenging to create an interactive art piece that will not be damaged or destroyed by overly curious participants.  Despite having (mostly) good intentions, some playa citizens will approach a piece of art with a monkey mentality, seeking to deconstruct and reconfigure the pieces, whether that was the intention of the artist or not.

This year, rather than trying to suppress this tendency, we will embrace the "playa monkeys" by offering a piece of art that encourages inquiry, experimentation, and even reconfiguration.

The centerpiece of the project will be a large panel with a variety of weatherproof control switches, knobs, levers, pushbuttons, and other input devices, such as sound and motion-reactive sensors. These switches will be joined to illuminated decorative elements throughout the camp - primarily low voltage custom LED lighting that has been recycled from previous projects. Many of the wires entering the control box will be accessible, and can be moved between plugs.

A sliding switch might control the brightness of one element, or the color of another.  A keypress could initiate a traveling burst of color that would spread through several parts of the camp.  Some lights might be activated by jumping, or clapping, or making funny monkey noises.  Some switches will respond after a delay, and some will require that they are pressed in a particular order or multi-button combination to have an effect.  And of course, many of the switches will do nothing at all.

It is intended that the panel will act as a game, where the participants try to create interesting light effects without any instructions or explanation for how the device works.  People can also be involved by enjoying the light show, or by trying to decipher the "rules" by which the control panel activates the lighting.

This will be integrated into our overall camp layout, which consists of a ring of large vehicles (RVs and buses), and a large parachute covering the entire ring, suspended from a central tower structure. Part of the interior of this ring will be used for tents of camp members, and the rest will be a shared chill space, with a large carpeted area and places to sit down.  Most of the decorative lighting will be visible from the interior portion of the shade structure, though some parts (such as our lighted beacon) will be visible from the outside.

The PlayaMonkey theme will be extended through the use of jungle style decorations (some with luminous properties, some providing a pleasant atmosphere during daylight hours). We encourage our campmates to contribute comfortable seating, jungle decor, or exciting lighting elements.


know your monkeys! you may find them all over the city.

lick this decal, or use as cop magnet:

(also good for bicycles and mutant vehicles)

Satellite photo layout of 2007.

Our 2007 camp, within the photoshopped pink trapezoid.

The 2007 moop map. Please note that this is NOT an indication of our camp location for 2009. Just an indication that we do rather well at the vigilance required to Leave No Trace. Good moop maintenance starts at home.

The 2008 moop map. Please note that this is NOT an indication of our camp location for 2009. Just an indication that we need to improve at the vigilance required to Leave No Trace. Good moop maintenance starts at home, but we need to encourage our neighbors to do better.

Leave No Trace Plan: Don't let anything hit the ground. Use tarps or construct indoors. Follow Burning Man LNT guidelines. In fact, it's best to read directly from the Earth Guardians' template, and apply to our camp. Each year, our team of experienced workerbees stays after everyone else has left and ensures there's no trace of us having been there (WE NEED YOU TO HELP BE A LATE WORKERBEE).  The evaporation pond is concentrated down to a few gallons of liquid which is then pumped into a plastic drum and taken home with us (POND USE ONLY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST).  Our augers that hold the parachute in place are small, and we remove them with a powered motorized drill device, leaving virtually no evidence that they've ever been there.  There are no large holes dug, and nothing to do other than the final no brainer:  we clean up any moop that we find, we do this complete search three times to be sure we've missed nothing, and when we leave, we leave no trace. [Note: Volunteer opportunties are available for Moop Clean-up, including General Playa Vacuum Duty.]

...good playamonkeys clean up after themselves and their campmates.

(wouldn't this be a great sign somewhere out on the esplanade?)

know your monkeys, part two!

...were you prepared?? personally, i want t-shirts.

Our blisslight tent interior will return, 2007-2008.

Our 2008 Harmony dome, to be reinvented as our main chill room.

Harmony dome UV oculus, 2008.

Previous chill space when located out on playa 2008. We could use some more comfortable seating. Also, volunteer jungle makers unite?

an early rendering of our camp sign:

possible pendants for use as camp gifts?

we'll like to place sign markers at all corners of camp, so we can find ourselves coming back from the port-a-potties:

and yes, the beacon shall return.

aka 2007 InnerMind BaseCamp and 2008 Harmony BaseCamp

Blinky Brain Challenge Test #1:
Can you figure how to easily read white text on a webpage?

Congratulations to everyone that won Challenge Test #1.

playamonkey wuvs you.